Kids will be kids, but they learn much of their behavior from parents

Some people say that “kids will be kids” whenever the subject of bullying fellow classmates comes about. But what do you say when children are bullying a 68-year-old grandmother?

Well that’s just what happened to Karen Klein, a school bus monitor in Greece, New York.

Yet again technology (in the wrong hands) caught the entire event on camera, which was eventually posted online – going viral in less than 24 hours.

Tell me again why technology is a great thing for children to have?

I watched the video in sheer disgust and horror. On this blog, I refuse to repeat any of the cruel and utterly heartless statements this group of young boys spouted at Klein, who bravely tried to ignore the torment.

Follow the link below if you’re interested.

Yes, kids will be kids. But let’s not forget that children learn from the first teachers they ever came in contact with – their parents. I suspect that if your children are bullying a 68-year-old woman just minding her own business, chances are they’ve seen you doing it first.

And so the cycle of evil and disrespect continues.

More and more I find myself losing all hope in our society. There is such hatred and disrespect for one another that I often wonder how can we possibly survive as a species if this gets any worse.

Kids will be kids, I’m just hoping parents will start to be better parents.

Remember, “Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.” David Bly

Video of Karen Klein being bullied on a school bus