Jersey Shore cast is paid way too much for nothing

Shaking my head. That’s what I was left doing after hearing word that the cast of characters on “Jersey Shore,” that ridiculous reality series about a bunch of talentless idiots, will be earning $100,000 per episode in the upcoming 4th season.  Amazing. I tuned in once just for argument’s sake and within the first five minutes wasn’t sure if I was tuning in to anything more than a repeat of The Jerry Springer Show. We’re talking riveting television here folks.

Our society is so ass backwards. I mean we’re paying a group of young adults (and I use the word “adults” very loosely) who haven’t contributed a single positive thing towards society, hundreds of thousands of dollars, while millions of families struggle to put food on the table – struggle to find employment to bring their lives above the poverty level.

I’m all for paying people what they’re worth based upon services they contribute, but someone needs to explain to me what this group of seaside buffoons provide, which makes them worth more than the lint pulled from my dryer trap.

People in the public eye have the power to make a difference by being able to reach a vast audience. But instead of doing anything positive which might actually help to change this screwed up world we’re living in, people like the Jersey Shore crew continue to propagate it – reaping the financial rewards from a society that loves nothing more than their over-the-top, self-centered personalities.

Couldn’t they at least change the name of the show to something like “Living with Trash” so New Jersey residents don’t have to continually remind tourists that not all of the residents of the Garden State are lacking character?