Ina Garten is still A-OK in my book despite press

I’ll admit it – I’m a huge fan of cookbook author and Food Network star Ina Garten – the Barefoot Contessa.

Her recipes are simple to shop for, even easier to prepare and they’re damn good to eat too! Unlike Martha, where the ingredients list looks like the parts catalog for the space shuttle and you typically need the better part of a day just to make cup cakes, Ina is about simplicity with maximum flavor. Now that’s my kind of cooking!

While she’s rarely scrutinized by the media, over the last few days they’ve been gutting the culinary personality like a freshly killed chicken, seasoned and baked at 350 degrees.

For those who have NO idea what I’m talking about, 6 year old Enzo petitioned the Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet with the Barefoot Contessa – having watched her cooking program from his bed throughout his battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. But after numerous attempts to grant the little boy’s wish, the foundation was told she was simply too busy.

For a loyal fan such as myself, you never want to believe that the person behind the camera isn’t everything you perceive them to be. I began wondering how she could be so callas towards a sick little boy who just wanted to meet her. But then I remembered something we so often forget – she’s only human, regardless of the television persona we all know and love. Just listen to what Enzo’s mother had to say on her blog, which follows the young boys journey towards beating this disease.

“I had written about our disappointment when we originally found out, but asked everyone in the spirit of Enzo to please just “let it go” and move forward, as I know he has. I know this REALLY hit a strong cord with people, the outrage over this has been REALLY OVERWHELMING. There are so many articles, blogs, radio shows, even a YouTube video about this. I want to make it VERY CLEAR we have NO ANGER OR ILL WILL toward Ina Garten. Enzo made his request and she declined, end of that story. As much as I know it has REALLY angered people, she has that right. Furthermore it is not our wish to hurt Ina Garten in anyway. Enzo found great comfort in watching her cook when he was going through his toughest times and for that we are so grateful.

I am putting this out there again in the spirit of what is truly Enzo and asking people to PLEASE let go of your anger and please send only healing, loving, positive vibes into the universe. Enzo is SO CLOSE to being done with his treatments and we want nothing more then for him to move forward in good health. PLEASE change the energy from anger to love and support Enzo on the rest of his journey. This we would appreciate so much.”

The media is notorious for wasting time on sensational headlines, which do nothing to improve the lives of those living in the world – those like Enzo. Ina Garten is human just like the rest of us. She is capable of making mistakes and has every right to make decisions based upon what she believes is best for her. Last time I checked, the average person is far from perfect and often screws up more than they’re probably willing to admit – they just cover it better.

What we should be doing is learning from the words of Enzo’s mother – words of forgiveness, not bitterness; of appreciation not hate. THAT is what the media should be focusing on. But then I guess who wants to hear a story about letting go of our prejudices and moving forward, when clinging to sensational headlines always gives us something stupid to talk about.