If someone truly loves you, you’ve been given the greatest gift

Isn’t it funny how our emotional state often fluctuates like a roller coaster – up and down with little warning?

Over the last few days I just feel kind of blah. There’s nothing wrong with me physically – no glaring problems to speak of at home or a work. I just feel a little down – which means emotional songs filled with sadness are rotating on my iPod.

I guess you could say I’m feeling a little numb emotionally. Stuck in limbo it would seem between reality and this foggy area that doesn’t necessarily make me sad, but it isn’t making me happy either.

But that all seems to change when I catch a glimpse of my wife’s smile.

She truly must possess some kind of magical powers because around her I just can’t be sad. Her love is so pure and she has the most amazing qualities and disposition I’ve ever known. I sometimes wonder, with all that has gone wrong in my life, how I’ve managed to find a relationship that is so right.

Yes we bicker and quarrel from time to time – that’s a part of life, regardless of the relationship. But it never lasts too long – we always wind up missing the other.

So thank you my bride for just being “you” – a person who without saying a word can manage to brighten my day and ease my concerns with nothing more than a smile and a warm embrace.

Franklin P. Jones once said, “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”