How a little boy reminded me that I have all that I need

Last night, after my two-year-old nephew headed off to bed, I heard him calling from upstairs, “Crait!”

You might be asking what “Crait” means. As he continues to learn pronunciation and language skills, he’s having a little trouble with the letter “G”. Therefore “Crait” means “Craig”. I don’t mind really, though sometimes I don’t realize he’s calling me – such was the case last night.

His mother yelled down, “He wants you to read him a book.”

So I asked the adorable little boy, standing at the top of the stairs in his striped blue PJ’s, did he want me to read to him?  He quickly replied, “Yeah!” How could I say no.

Every night before he goes to sleep, his mom and dad read to him. It’s so great to see two parents introducing books into his life at such a young age. So the two of us sat in his room on a rocking chair, him cuddling up to me with his pacifier in his mouth and his favorite little blanket. He’s at an age now where he no longer likes to be held– unless of course he’s not feeling well. But when it’s time for him to go to sleep, you’re guaranteed some snuggle time.

We shared reading responsibilities – though I’m not really sure what language he was reading in. And after uttering the words “the end” he knows it’s time for him to go to sleep.

I gave him kisses on his head and cheeks and carefully placed this very precious cargo into his crib. I smiled as I noticed all his favorite stuffed animals gathered around his head, before pulling up his blanket to keep him warm. Then I said “I love you” and to my surprise he said it back in the cutest little voice. My heart melted.

As I left his room I was reminded of a quote from famed author Maya Angelou, which I had read earlier that day: “We need much less than we think we need.”

Life can be a continual challenge. But as long as you know there are people in your life who love you unconditionally, you’ll have all you’ll ever need in this life. For the happiness that comes from the people we’re so blessed to journey through life with, is the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.