The homosexual community deserves better than ignorant stereotypes

The homosexual community deserves better than what I heard on the radio this morning.

I never listen to morning talk radio programs on popular FM stations all across the country.

Truthfully, I find most of the on-air personalities obnoxious and the conversation so primitive that I’d rather drive in silence than have to subject myself to listening to their diarrhea of the mouth. But listeners can’t get enough apparently, as advertisers continue to pour millions of dollars into advertising on these highly listened to programs. I don’t get it really.

Today, while switching a CD in my car (yes a CD, you remember those) I was caught off guard. My car is set up that as soon as you remove a playing CD from the stereo unit, the radio automatically comes on. To my dismay, one of those radio programs that grates on my last nerve was coming through the speakers. While trying to find my next CD of choice as quickly as possible, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

One male DJ said to another, “Yeah, I used to think you were gay man. I mean you drove a Honda Civic. And that apartment? Your apartment was so gay.”

American’s will never fully embrace the homosexual community as being ordinary like everyone else until the mass media stops portraying them with such negative overtones.

I wouldn’t doubt you might hear something like this said off the air – “oh we have nothing against gay people, it was just our radio show.” But the brain absorbs everything it hears and oftentimes the impressionable minds of society retain the negative connotations about the homosexual community. This would be considered one of them.

Homosexuality, in my opinion, should be viewed the same way that some people like blonds instead of brunettes; someone tall rather than short; funky instead of plain. Maybe I’m simplifying it too much, but until the day when people do just that, it will always be a point of contention and a subject on morning radio programs all across the country.

There is so much more to defining our character than just our jobs, beliefs or sexual preference. Being able to respect those who are different than we are goes a long way to showing just what kind of a person you really are – on or off the air.