Hard times are made easier when we’re reminded we’re not alone

Hard times fall upon everyone – no one is exempt.

But the journey through the storm is always made easier when you’re reminded that you’re not alone.

Today I wasn’t feeling particularly cheerful – plagued by worries beyond my control. Some days I just can’t snap myself out of this feeling of despair as the hard times seems to insurmountable.

But then I retrieved the mail. There, addressed to me, was an envelope filled with smiley face stickers of all colors and sizes – one simply stating “Thinking of You.” I don’t know many people who wouldn’t smile at the sight.

Inside was a greeting card from a very dear family friend which read, “Just want you to know I’m thinking about you…and how happy I am that you’re my friend.”

In previous mailings she’s mentioned that I’m always in her thoughts and prayers, and I can’t tell you how utterly reassuring that is when you’re filled with doubts. Who knew that going to the mailbox could completely change your outlook on things? It did for me.

Unsolicited words of support, encouragement and love are some of the true blessings in life. They remind you that whenever you think you’re alone, there’s always someone thinking about you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could share that gift with the people we’re thinking about in our own lives?

Thank you Elsie – in my life you are one of its greatest treasures and certainly make the hard times much easier to bare.