Happiness may not be infinite, but sometimes you have to help find it

You learn quickly in life that happiness is not infinite. That everyone at one time or another experiences challenges and struggles that often rob a person of the ability to smile or feel great joy with any regularity.

Of late I’ve been finding myself there – even though my life is filled with many wonderful blessings I should be grateful for, and I am. But lately my spirit seems to be in a bit of a funk – seemingly unsatisfied with the current state of my existence (except for my amazing wife who remains my one constant).

At times I feel somewhat trapped by the complacency of my life – the routine that carries on from one day to the next. While I understand that you cannot escape your problems regardless of where you may roam, sometimes our lives need a change to jumpstart our spirit and bring our existence to a new plateau.

I’m all about comfort and security – I’m not one to just pick up and head off to some far away location to start a new life. But some days that seems like the only way to reinvigorate yourself from the norm, to reignite your soul and inspire a new chapter in the book we forget we’re helping to write.

Jacques Prévert once said, “Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.” As long as you’re alive, you always have another opportunity to experience it once again. But sometimes you need to take a chance and break the normalcy of life to get you there.