Fashion and Style from Kohls?

From the Tony’s, to the Oscar’s to the Grammy’s, award shows all practice a familiar pre-ceremony tradition as the stars make their way inside the auditorium – critiquing their wardrobes. It’s all about fashion and style.

My favorite is the way they phrase it – “So who are you wearing?” Who are you wearing? Shouldn’t that be “what” are you wearing, because the last time I checked there wasn’t another human being draped across their shoulders like a sweater on a preppy dresser.

But then again, I never really understood society’s fascination with what is and is not considered fashionable. To me this common red carpet tradition screams marketing ploy. Designers get their names spewed across the airwaves for free and soon hundreds of thousands of fashion conscious individuals flock to their showrooms.

I guess everyone has their priorities – I can assure you, it’s not one of mine.

I hope someday to become famous, so I too can attend one of these star-studded events. I’ll emerge from a stretched black limousine with photographers flashing their cameras constantly to capture my every move. And then, when the television reporter approaches and asks, “So who are you wearing?” I’ll be only too happy to say, “This entire wardrobe came from Kohl’s, right down to my underwear.”

Style is purely subjective, and overpriced brand names do not make you any more fashionable than the next – it just makes you broke.

We’ve provided a false sense of what is important to our children – that what we wear is vastly more important than getting a proper education or treating others with the respect they deserve. Sad really.

Yes, I truly hope one day you see me on television sets across the country, advertising my somewhat ordinary wardrobe – which I have to admit was probably purchased with a 30% off coupon.