Election fraud – the tale of two ballots

“A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” 
Theodore Roosevelt

First, please save your hate mail. This post is in no way taking political sides in what I consider to be one of the most pathetic elections in American history.

A subject making headlines of late is how the American election system is flawed. Many find such an accusation insulting and impossible in our technological advanced society.

Truthfully, I never gave the subject much thought. That was until the other day.

My coworker grew up in the state of Washington, and it was there where she first became a registered voter. About two years ago she moved to the state of Colorado, and went through the proper process of becoming a registered voter of that state.

The other day she got a phone call from her mother asking, “So which state will you be voting in this year?”

She was somewhat perplexed by her mother’s question, until it was revealed that her mail-in ballot for the state of Washington (a state she hasn’t called home for two years) had just arrived in the mail.

Hmm…so does this mean she could vote twice in the 2016 election?

Yes, I know this is considered voter fraud, but how closely are we policing this? How many fall through the cracks? How many times have a handful of these votes changed the outcome of an election?

There are no “perfect” systems – everything has its share of flaws. Even something as important to our country as voting in elections.

All we can do is hope that people have enough character to use it wisely.