Don’t underestimate the magic of ordinary days

There are some titles, quotations and song lyrics I find so simple and inspiring that I often find myself carrying them around in the back of my mind to be retrieved at a later date.

One such example comes in the form of a title, from author Ann Howard Creel’s novel, “The Magic of Ordinary Days.”

The word “ordinary” gets a bad rap in society. Far too often anything that’s ordinary is deemed boring and mundane in a world so pathetically obsessed with popularity and excitement. But I can tell you with great certainty that when your normalcy all but vanishes, you’ll soon find yourself craving the undeniable magic of ordinary days.

Moments of exhilarating excitement are just that – moments. They can never be recaptured or relived and for some that leads them to bounce around from one relationship to another – always searching for that next “moment”.

We take for granted the ordinary in our lives – the people who are always there; the routines that can sometimes seem more like chores than blessings. As my wife and I prepare to settle in to our new house, after almost five months of calling a tiny bedroom “home”, the only thing we can think of is once again experiencing the magic of ordinary days.

Having a cup of coffee and sharing wonderful conversations – all while comfortably seated in our living room on a Saturday morning.

Gazing at the twinkling lights of our Christmas tree while sipping hot chocolate and listening to classic carols in the background.

Gardening together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and watching the sunset on our back deck that night.

Cooking an elaborate dinner together, and then sharing it over candlelight in a romantic dinner for two.

For many, these are not moments destined to ignite excitement in one’s soul. But for me they are the times I crave and the times that ultimately mean the most to me at the end of a long day. They ground me by reminding me what is truly important in this life; protect me with love and continually support; humble me into remembering just how fortunate I am to have someone wonderful to share a little piece of “ordinary” with.

Yes we all need a little excitement now and then. But don’t underestimate the magic of ordinary days. For many times they are the only times that matter.