Consequences of our choices are impossible to avoid

Consequences of our choices are impossible to avoid

“The universe does not judge us; it only provides consequences and lessons and opportunities to balance and learn through the law of cause and effect. Compassion is the recognition that we are each doing the best we can within the limits of our current beliefs and capacities.” – Dan Millman

It seems some normalcy is returning to the United States, or at least pretending to anyway.

States are easing or completely eliminating their quarantine restrictions, social distancing is being encouraged but often not properly followed and soon the 80,000+ lives lost to Covid19 will soon be forgotten – if they’re not already.

This is a time for choices and the American people have clearly shown that when faced with having to alter their normalcy for any length of time, they’d rather take risks.

No one knows what will happen as we all begin emerging from being quarantined for weeks.

But if there’s one thing I can guarantee will happen is the American people will soon forget what we’ve collectively experienced and the lessons we should have learned about priorities, charity, compassion and selflessness.

This pandemic is only temporary and I think that’s important to remember as we put risks over being inconvenienced.

The economy will recover. If you look back through some of the most devastating times in our great nation’s history, we’ve always emerged stronger. Our relationships will recover, for as long as they’re built on a foundation of appreciation, compassion and respect, even time itself cannot make that disappear.

But there is one thing that’s not temporary and that’s the loss of life.

We all naively convince ourselves that we’re invincible until the day when someone close to us – a spouse, a friend, a parent, a child – dies. Suddenly, we’re not willing to be so expendable with our time here on earth, and not so inclined to hoard it for our own needs.

Life is about consequences and lessons and opportunities we’re provided each and every day after making choices – both good and bad.

If this pandemic has taught us one thing it’s that there really are no definitive answers, just the media and the internet filled with misinformation and contradictions as our guide.

Author Alfred Armand Montapert wrote, “Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.” An important thing to remember as we navigate forward in uncharted territory.