A compassionate society is able to rise above themselves for the good of others

Author Dorothy Allison was recently interviewed by “The Writer” magazine and had these very interesting words to say about a compassionate society.

“I think the lack of honesty in the media in this country is killing the country. I think we are  living a culture of lies. And at this point, the winning voices are the loudest voices. I’m 60. I can look back at what has happened in this country, the fight for civil rights and justice and a genuinely compassionate culture we put in place, and now I look around and now I see a mean, desperate place. It is very frightening.”

Though Ms. Allison is 24 years my senior, I can relate to what she is saying.

Lately I find myself wondering how things have gotten so out of control – so different from how they were when I was growing up, and that wasn’t so long ago. Why are we no longer a compassionate society? Were we ever?

She is right, it IS very frightening. America has evolved into an instant gratification, self-serving society and regardless of the advances this world continues to make, these now commonly practiced and accepted behaviors don’t seem to be going away.

I think she hit the nail right on the head – America has lost its ability to be compassionate towards each other. The only people we seem to think about are ourselves and frankly, that’s a lifestyle choice that doesn’t work in a nation filled with millions of other people.

So blame the banks, technology or anything else you want to for the current deterioration of society as we know it. But when all is said and done remember this: “Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves.” Mason Cooley.

Here’s hoping someday soon, we’ll all learn just how to do that again.