Charlie Sheen – The Latest Hollywood Bad Boy Giving Himself a Bad Name

Nowhere but in America would we allow a drunken, drug-using, name calling, girl hitting and all around reckless character to get paid $1.2 million dollars for his work on a half hour television sitcom. Except if you’re Charlie Sheen.

I’m talking of course about Charlie Sheen from CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” – the newest Hollywood bad boy. He’s now ranting and raving to anyone who will listen, after the network and production company agreed to cancel the remainder of this season’s production schedule, due to inappropriate and lude comments he made on a popular radio show. Shocking isn’t it?

Are ratings and advertising dollars so important to television studios that we’d allow this clown to show the world that this kind of behavior is not only acceptable, but rewarded? And if you think for a minute that the television viewing audience isn’t learning from his very public display, you’re wrong.

What does it say about society when a teenage boy hits a girl in the face repeatedly because he didn’t like what she had to say? Or how about the student who hits a teacher in the head with his book bag because he refuses to go down to the principal’s office? And what does it say that many teenagers found nothing wrong with the above actions – making fun of the victims instead of chastising the abuser? Sadly, this lack of regard for our fellow human beings is going on all across the county.

Mr. Sheen’s behaviors might seem entertaining to some, but completely disrespecting the world around you should never be “acceptable” or “rewarded” in my opinion. Instead, Sheen continues to provide hours of entertainment for a younger generation who has no concept of limits and boundaries; right or wrong.

CBS has the opportunity to send a message to the world – that making money is not as important as making a point. We need to show the younger, impressionable generation that every action has a consequence, and anyone earning over $26 million a year should truly deserve it.