In the chaos of life, find opportunity

In the chaos of life, find opportunity

Sun Tzu was a high-ranking and respected general in the Chinese military around the second century BC.

His book, The Art of War, has become one of the most inspiring and influential texts on military strategies and tactics ever written. But beyond its invaluable impact on the military, government and businesses, many of his teachings can be effectively and prudently applied to our ever day lives.

And while his writings might seem simplistic at times, his meanings are anything but.

Tzu once wrote, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Today, perhaps more than any other generation, our lives are rarely at peace.

Chaos is commonplace as we all try to stay competitive in our careers, connected with family and friends and even with ourselves. Technologies have made life easier, but they’ve also made it increasingly more complicated to stay relevant without sacrificing simplicity.

While there’s no denying that chaos and anxiety have become an unfortunate reality in our modern day world, there are still opportunities to be different and even helpful to ourselves and those around us.

It’s all about priorities and worrying less about what others perceive and more about what brings us inner joy and fulfillment.

The good thing about feeling lost in the complexities of everyday life is that you possess the power to change things. Each day is an opportunity to acknowledge something isn’t working, and to find ways to make it better.

It takes patience, perseverance and even a little courage to sometimes think beyond what’s considered “normal”, for remember that true happiness is something infinitely more.