Brooms aren’t just for witches to get around

Call me crazy, but I think the broom’s longevity for this world has reached its end – at least outdoors. Though I suppose the Halloween witch community is still using them as their transportation of choice.

Just looking around my own neighborhood there are two, more popular choices for sweeping decks, driveways and sidewalks: hosing them down with water or using one of those obnoxious leave blower machines.

In either case, they only increase just how lazy Americans have gotten. In fact as I write this post my neighbor is outside using the garden hose to clean up a pile of dead grass rather than simply using a broom to dispose of it. Can you say waste of water?

And as for those leaf blowing machines, all they really do is blow debris from your property into the streets for passing cars to blow all around. Doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

I must stand out like a sore thumb – using my broom to clean up outside my house regularly. But in all honesty it’s a good form of exercise, cleans every little nook and cranny and doesn’t waste electricity, gas or water to power it. It was the tool of choice hundreds of years ago and it’s still just as viable today – at least for me it is.

A life of convenience is just fine, but sometimes that also can be called pure laziness.