Boundaries in relationships – keep them off TV

I’m losing hope that the world will ever become a place rooted in decorum (if society even knows what that word means in modern day 2015).

Television continues to push the limits in order to gain viewers – and ultimately increase revenue. Nowhere is that more apparent than on cable channel WE tv – where a new reality show will soon launch called “Sex Box”.

So here’s the basic premise. Set in front of a live studio audience, couples go into a sound proof box without any cameras or interruptions and have sex. Yes, you’re not misreading this.

When they emerge (no doubt more tattered looking than when they entered) they have an honest discussion with a panel of therapists and sex experts about what just happened and the realtionships endurance.

This is all supposed to be very therapeutic for the couple – providing them great insight into their relationship and whether or not it’s worth saving. What I can’t figure out is why having “sex” in a box needs to occur in order for this therapeutic “discussion” to take place.

I’m not sure what I’m more disturbed by: the existence of this program or the fact that millions of people will undoubtedly tune in out of sheer curiosity. And let’s not forget how much enjoyment people get out of watching others embarrassed on television. Where’s the entertainment in that?

What ever happened to keeping relationships private? What ever happened to having a certain level of dignity for yourself, and a little more respect for humanity? What ever happened to setting boundaries rather than crossing them?

David W. Earle once said, “Boundaries represent awareness, knowing what the limits are and then respecting those limits.”

That statement contains one very important word: awareness. Unfortunately our society is far too self-adsorbed to be “aware” of just how fantastical and even pathetic what we now call “entertainment” truly is.