See the color “blue” like you’ve never seen before

I’m an avid music lover who’s a sucker for poignant, inspiring and heartwarming lyrics. “Never Saw Blue” is one of those songs.

Typically when I stumble upon such a song, I often play it over and over again, be it in the car, going for a walk or on my computer at work. There’s something so spiritually powerful about the composition and orchestration combined that it leaves me in complete awe.

I discovered such a song the other day, quite by accident, and I’m so glad that I did.

The artist is a talented young woman from New Zealand named Hayley Westenra, and the song is titled “Never Saw Blue” – here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

I can’t believe
A month ago I was alone
I didn’t know you, I’ve never seen you, or heard your name
And even now, I’m so amazed it’s like a dream
It’s like a rainbow, it’s like the rain
Some things are the way they are and words just can’t explain

I never saw blue like that before
Across the sky, around the world
You’re giving me all you have and more
No one else has ever shown me how
To see the world the way I see it now, oh I
I never saw blue like that before

I hope you’ve all found someone that enables you to look right past the material lifestyle so many of us have adopted to see the color “blue” like you’ve never seen before.